About Patty

Patty came into this world not just as a bundle of joy and a glorious treasure to her parents but, also as a truly creative and inspiring, generous soul for so many. Diagnosed with Down’s Syndrome when she was just _______  old, Patty’s parents were handled by doctors in the way most parents of Down’s children were at the time. It was pretty typical to be told your precious baby is  has developmental problems and should be “put into an institution”. However, like so many others they thanked the doctors for their opinion and then went about living life in the only way they knew how.. completely and fully with love and passion and plenty of laughter.

Patty’s family realized early on that she has  many amazing talents, creativity and happily filling their lives with humor and incredible insight. Her mother Nancy says “God sent her here to confuse us” in reference to that amazing insight and acknowledgment that her daughter with down’s syndrome is able to see things she never would even think about. As she speaks about Patty it’s clear to feel the love and admiration she has for her talented daughter. It’s also clear that she believes Patty was a heaven sent gift to show not only her things but share her talents and insight with the world.

About 10 years ago, Nancy brought Patty to her first art class and the rest as they say is history. Patty fell in love with creating art. She creates so much in fact that she shares her wonderful creations with her friends and family every year for Christmas. She also creates magnetic boxes for ARC’s members new babies. Her first art teacher was the late Christina Thorne who was a notable artists at the Beaumont Art League and helped Patty fall in love with painting. Patty continued her training with private lessons by Grace Magnet. She’s also taken a pottery class at The Art Studio. Creating a lot of beautiful pottery pieces. She loves working with a variety of mediums, anything that allows her to create. She even is learning to play guitar. Her talents are only as limited as she is and Patty is making sure everyone knows she has no limits.

Born in a time when this could just as easily have been a tragic story, Patty and her family, which includes Ginny, her partner in art, have managed to make it an amazing life. Proving that not only is their unknown potential in those with Down’s Syndrome, but also that our abilities are only limited by what we think. We are all in charge of our destinies and Patty has taken her’s into full throttle for the stars!