Lending a Helping Hand to My Friends

One of my favorite places is The ARC of Beaumont. ARC celebrates the lives of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities like myself and others with Down’s Syndrome. ARC has helped me so much that when I started doing my art I decided I would give back to them. My way of doing that is making precious magnet boxes for all the new little down’s syndrome babies. I make the boxes and then give them to ARC to give to new babies. I hope that when they get older and see the boxes I created for them it will inspire them to find what they love and fill their lives with happiness.

I have a wonderful friend, angel, mentor and “partner in art” whose name is Ginny. Ginny and I do everything together. We have a special bond that nothing could ever break. We help each other and push each other to be more creative. Ginny helps me create all of these beautiful magnet boxes for the ARC babies. Giving back is a wonderful thing and makes me smile. ARC helps others like me know how special we are. They help give our lives meaning and fill our lives with fun things to do. Lending a helping hand makes life worth living.


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